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Buying Privately

Many people believe that buying a vehicle from a private seller will save them money.

But is this true?

With a private seller, you lose the 13% trade-in tax savings.

Private sellers often determine their asking price by first checking out what dealers are asking for a similar vehicle. They’re sold ‘as is’ and it’s ‘buyer beware’.

Private vehicle sales offer no guarantees. The buyer often has no recourse if the vehicle shows signs of significant problems, even days later.

There is nothing holding a private seller to revealing their car’s history. Most sellers will say that they took really good care of the vehicle.

There are hidden costs such as an expensive certification and emissions testing that the seller may not be willing to pay for.

Buying from a UCDA Member

UCDA member dealers ensure you get the 13% trade-in tax savings.

Dealers have access to financing programs, and can offer trade-in options which can make your used car purchase more affordable.

Dealers can offer warranties and after-sale service for used vehicles. Consumers also have access to a Compensation Fund for their protection.

Dealers guarantee that the vehicles they sell aren’t stolen and don’t have any liens against them. They must also supply you with all known material facts about the vehicle, such as previous accidents.

When a dealer buys a car to resell, he has it thoroughly inspected and refurbished – both mechanically and cosmetically. That usually accounts for most of any difference in cost between buying privately and from a dealer.

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